Login / Logout Tips

Login to WordPress As Admin

Login to RiderwoodLife.com as an Admin to gain access to Writer and other roles by going to:

  • https://riderwoodlife.com/wp-admin/
  • In most cases, an Administrator will have sent an invitation to the new Writer’s email address with instructions on how to join.
  • Taking over  a page? New writer? To join the writing team, send a message to
    questions@riderwoodlife.com to support@riderwoodlife.com.
  • Already a WordPress user? Advice the admin to enable using it for RiderwoodLife.com. Needed: User Name and Password for existing account. If forgotten, try logging in to WordPress and resetting the password.

Login Process

After going to RiderwoodLife.com/wp-admin, a login screen opens. Enter your username.

image login uname

Then, enter your password. There is also a button to click if your password is lost. Click it and follow the instructions.

image login enter pword

NOTE:  Jan 2022

  • The advice given on this page was prepared and intended for use with the Classic Editor.
  • Some of this content may not be applicable to editing with the Gutenberg (block) editor but some of the knowledge gained will be useful when using Gutenberg.
  • Refer to Gutenberg Block Editor – First Steps
  • We advise to NOT convert pages editted with Classic to Block unless they are very simple. In our experience, it’s better to start over!

After logging in, a screen with a list of pages appears.

Hover over a page name:

  • Available actions appear:  Edit  |  Copy |  Trash |  View
  • Choose Edit to edit / revise a page.
  • Note that a NEW PAGE can also be created on this screen.

image choose file to edit

image page to edit

Logging Out – Latest Version (2022)

The “look” of logout screens changed with updates to WordPress. If the window is relatively small or the black / left menu is collapsed, the logout icon becomes hard to find. So:

1. Select “Profile” by clicking on the person icon, top left in the black border.

2. Click on the non-descript logout icon. This icon may appear differently depending on whether the left / black menu is collapsed or expanded.

3. Be sure to read the next section.

Logging Out – Older Options

  • Make sure edits have been saved before logging out!
  • The logout screen is access by clicking on a Writer’s personal Avatar in the upper right corner of one’s screen.
  • IF using the Guttenberg editor, one must SAVE or UPDATE before logging out. Click on the green square, upper left corner of the screen, to access the logout screen.

image chose logout

image logout


This reveals the logout screen.

Click on Log Out to quit a session.


Don’t Log Back In w/ Generic WP Page

IF a generic WordPress screen appears after logging out. Do NOT use it to log back in.image don't login w/ this page










Always login using the link, riderwoodlife.com/wp-admin.

More Tips

OOPs – Weird Opening Screen

Sometimes, upon logging in, the expected Pages editing screen does not appear. For example, like this:

oops wrong screen


  • expand collapse iconOn the left, black menu bar, look for the blue expand / collapse icon.
  • Click it to expand the menu bar.
  • Hover over the Pages icon. All Pages appears. Click All Pages.

choose pages dialog


The list of files available to edit appears:example list of files


choose pages dialogTo get a list of files and initiate editing, first, hover over the blue, Collapse menu icon in the in the left menu bar.


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