Tips for Writers of RiderwoodLife

Tools for Writers of RiderwoodLife


  1. image of toolsSeveral  pages of Tips are available on to aid individuals who write (Writers in WP parlance) and edit pages.
  2. The topic areas are described below.
  3. Many helpful illustrations are included in the documents.
  4. Errors? If errors are found in these pages, please contact
  5. NOTE: most Tips pages were prepared using the “Classic” editor. The  “Gutenberg” Block editor is now available but only recommended for advanced users. Be aware that the editing interface for the Block editor has a different “look and feel” and  introduces new tools for editing, as compared with the Classic Editor.

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Editing & Writing — Two Options!

Classic Editor

Basics Start Writing & Editing

  • Editing and Writing Tips – A deeper dive into using the WP interface for several detailed examples, including:
  • Preliminary tips – getting started
  • Copying content into WP
  • Creating content
  • Styling, e.g., Headers, balding / italicizing text
  • Table of content (TOC) and the relationship between Headers and listings in a TOC

Advanced (Very!)

  • BUTTONS! – Create clickable “buttons,” like one at the beginning of this line, using the Classic editor.
  • Detailed, step-by-step examples.
  • For advanced users, using “tricks” with HTML and CSS. Writers should not even think of going here unless they are experienced with writing web pages using HTML and CSS. If HTML and CSS are foreign terms, think three times!

Gutenberg (block) Editor

  • Gutenberg is an advanced editor for experienced users.
  • First Steps – Become acquainted at Gutenberg Block Editor
    • Understanding Gutenberg, links to tutorials
  • G’berg Examples
    • Create a new page
    • Headings and text (“paragraphs”)
    • Highlighting text with color
    • Create tables, columns; add images
    • Link from images
    • Clickable buttons
  • Classic to Gutenberg – Convert a Classic to a Gutenberg page
  • NOTE: Converting Classic pages to Gutenberg (Block) editor does not function well for complex pages.
    • Content can get mangled and / or deleted.
    • Editing converted pages can be a frustrating waste of time!
    • If considering conversion, make a copy and try it there to see if conversion works; avoid catastrophic loss.

Media Tips for Writers

WP provides for adding images and documents, such as PDFs, to pages as illustrations and to provide supplemental information. This system can be confusing, hence, we provide helpful tips including:

  • Media Tips for Writers covers:
  • Using the Media Library to access media
  • Adding media to a page
  • Justifying images
  • Adding media to the Library
  • Organization of Media with Folders

Email Forwarding Addresses

Email Forwarding Addresses. pages commonly include a contact for readers of pages to communicate with for information about clubs and other interest groups. To avoid including personally identifiable information about contacts, WP provides for forwarding addresses to enable contacting a person via email. This guide explains how to obtain and manage forwarding addresses.