Email Forwarding Addresses – Tips

Addendum — Nov 2022

  • The advice given on this page was prepared and intended for use with the Classic Editor.
  • Admins willingly help with creating and implementation of forwarding addresses — it befuddles some trying to implement the process. Admins will edit pages to add the forward link.
  • Some of this content may not be applicable to editing with the Gutenberg (block) editor but some of the knowledge gained will be useful when using Gutenberg.
  • Refer to Gutenberg Block Editor – First Steps

Contact Email Forwarding

Your Admins have implemented a feature to enable groups to have email address for contacts that forward to their personal email addresses. This facilitates,

  • Enabling readers to get in touch with a Contact without embedding personal info in RiderwoodLIfe web pages.
  • Avoiding the cumbersome process of looking for contact info on MyErickson.
  • old vs. new look


Request A Forwarding Address

  • Writers must enable this feature though an Admin.  Contact to request assignment of a forwarding address.
  • Note that there is a limited number of forwards available for the tier of service applicable to RiderwoodLife so be frugal.
  • Provide
    1. Group / Activity Name
    2. Preferred forwarding address name – keep them simple
  • Default:

Communicate with Contact

  • Instruct contact to confirm setting up email forwarding by clicking the Confirm link in an email message like that in the next image.
  • Ask them to let you, the Writer, know when they have confirmed.
  • NOTE: Make sure the contact checks SPAM / JUNK for an incoming confirmation request – it happens!

image acknowledge forwardign request

Add Forward to Group’s Page

  • First, if a page has used the previous approach of directing readers to the Resident Directory on MyErickcon, DELETE that link.
  • After a contact confirms, add the forwarding email address. Example using the above for example, and email address “” NOTE: this is a step-by-step example and NOT real!
  • Enter text in a new paragraph, e.g.:

Questions? Volunteering? Please contact contact – click on the the email address,

  • Highlight the email address:

Questions? Volunteering? Please contact contact – click on the the email address,

  • Click on the selected text and the link operator:

link button

The link options editor appears:

liml options box

  • Confirm that the text looks like the above in the link name. The “mailto:” prefix causes a link to open an email client when a reader clicks it while viewing a group’s page.
  • Do not add styling to links. WP does that automatically.


When a forwarding address has been successfully added to a page, it will look like this in the editor and on a live page:

compare editor vs. live

Note that the mailto: links appear differently in the editing view (upper left) vs. the live view on a web site.

Don’t Forget To Delete Old – MyErickson – Link

Be sure to delete MyErickson links when adding an email forwarding address. They look like this:delete myerickson links

Caution to Recipients of Forwards

Group / Club contacts who receive messages apparently originating from readers of should look closely at such messages to assure themselves that they are valid inquiries and not potentially malicious. One contact questioned about how to respond to such incoming email. Just be cautious because responses will come from a contact’s personal email. And, as with all incoming email, be cautious about malicious intent.

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