About RiderwoodLife

RiderwoodLife.com – Your Home on the Internet

A new, resident-maintained web site, RiderwoodLife.com, debuted in the Fall of 2021, highlights the diverse interests of Riderwood Village residents by providing links to over seventy clubs and interest groups: from the 1940s Plus Club – to the Earth Day Festival Committee – to the Writer’s Guild.

Useful Resources

Users will find useful resources at RiderwoodLife.com such as campus maps, information for new residents and a weather report – click on the Weather icon. A Need Help button leads to several topics, including help for your TV or computer. An expansive resource, Caring Connections, includes info on health, financial, legal, and end-of-life considerations. Links are also included for off-campus resources of interest to residents, such as, Prince George’s and Montgomery County government offices and libraries, as well as to Erickson web sites. Navigation on RiderwoodLife.com is easy using an alphabetical side-bar menu and drop-down topical menus.

Explore — Informative, Engaging, Secure

Go to RiderwoodLife.com! Take a look! See a new, informative, and uniquely engaging web site. It is full of LIFE! New content is posted on a regular basis, including to a What’s Up page – chronologically ordered posters for Campus events, and a gallery of Photos taken by residents. The RiderwoodLife.com is meant to provide interesting and useful information on a timely basis on a secure and easily accessible site using up-to-date technology. RiderwoodLife.com provides a useful adjunct to information available to residents on MyErickson.

Volunteerism Exemplified

Volunteer! You, too, can Participate. Resident volunteers have created the new and modern, RiderwoodLife.com. It is sponsored by the Riderwood Computer Club.  Join nearly twenty volunteers maintaining RiderwoodLife.com . We seek folk with experience in writing or with basic computer skills. If you can write documents using a word processor, you can help with content on RiderwoodLife.com using tools built into WordPress.

RiderwoodLife.com is a good place for groups and clubs to publicize their activities and provide links to resources for the group. Computer Club volunteers are available to assist those who need help creating and maintaining a page from content provided by resident groups.

For more info, to volunteer, or to find more about listing a group on RiderwoodLife.com, send an email to questions@riderwoodlife.com.