Activity Committees

Here are the committees for the various club activities. Their contact information is available in the Riderwood Directory. Contact them for more information about the activity.

Pot Luck

POT LUCK LUNCH Coordinator –  Arrange a room with Riderwood for us to use on the third Saturday of the month On hold pending new rules from Riderwood

  • Terry Goldman
  • Vera Buffaloe
  • Gail Shipp

Board Games

BOARD GAMES Coordinator – Bob Kuhns has organized a regular game on the third Thursday of the month in the Lakeside Commons Card Room from 2 to 4 pm. Please contact Bob to get involved.

  • Bob Kuhns (lead)
  • Barbara Adams
  • Wren Wilhelm

Hand and Foot

HAND AND FOOT card game Coordinators – Joanne Coan and Roberta Glick. Joanne and Roberta have established a regular game on the second Thursday of each month in the Lakeside Card Room from 2 to 4 pm. 

  • Joanne Coan (co-lead)
  • Roberta Glick (co-lead)

Movie and a Pizza Night

MOVIE NIGHT Coordinator – Joe Finan has agreed to continue with the job. You will receive announcements about the Movie Night as they are planned. Keep an eye on your RWV1940sPlus list for updates. Here is a list of the movies suggested by members of the club as possibilities for viewing.

Note, the ‘Pizza’ part has been suspended until Covid conditions allow us to gather to eat again. We hope to return to having pizza before the movie in the coming few months.

  • Joe Finan (lead)
  • Bruce Duray
  • Beck Ney
  • Mina Johns
  • Caroline Scorpio

Meals off Campus

DINING OUT Coordinator Anita Dunn – Find a place that will accept 40 to 50 of us on a Saturday for lunch. Members wanted individual checks or same per person charge. This was a challenge for us. We did manage to do this at the Greek Village Restaurant at Randolph Road and New Hampshire Ave.  We are counting on new members to have some new brilliant ideas of who will take us all.  To join us, contact Anita.

  • Anita Dunn

Local Winery

  • Tom Mertz


  • Marcia Campbell


  • Glenda Kline